Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fairy Love - Floral Filigree Necklace (項鍊) - USD85/ SGD123

fairy love

fairy love

~~ * Fairy Love - Floral Filigree Necklace (項鍊) * ~~ 

Inspired by the beautiful gemstone beads and Japanese clay flowers. Such luxury and elegance!

I weaved lots of treasures on 3 pieces of metal filigrees - Japanese glass cabochon (this is a rare gem I found at my local bead store), Japanese clay pink flowers, crystal bicones, ruby teardrops and seed beads. 

I also added sparkly pink quartz, glass faceted beads and crystals for the rest of the necklace. You'd noticed this is a 2-tone piece of jewelry - copper and gold. It's a wonderful match!

Measures about 9 inches each side of chain (extendable by another 1.5 inches). You can easily lengthen or shorten the chain to your preferred length. If you like the chain to be of a certain length, please feel free to let me know. =)

Also available from my etsy store.

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